Plastic Products
Polyethylene is the most popular plastic in the world. This is the polymer that makes grocery bags, shampoo bottles, children's toys, and even bullet proof vests. For such a versatile material, it has a very simple structure, the simplest of all commercial polymers.
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Corrugated Products
Corrugated board is manufactured using two materials: corrugating medium and linerboard. Corrugating medium forms the corrugated layer of the board, while the linerboard is used for the two outer layers.
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Nonwoven Fabric
Non-woven fabric is a fabric-like material made from staple fibre and long fibres, bonded together by chemical, mechanical, heat or solvent treatment. The term is used in the textile manufacturing industry to denote fabrics, such as felt, which are neither woven nor knitted.
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Reflective Insulation
Reflective insulation is a kind of material that works as a thermal insulation coating providing at least single reflective surface that creates the air gap between the closed inner environment and outer hot surface.
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Alumans High Packaging (M) Sdn Bhd

Alumans High Packaging (M) Sdn Bhd was Incorporated in January 2018, formally known as Alumans High Packaging since 2008. Alumans engaged in supplying of packaging material such as Air Bubble Pak, EPE Foam, Static Shielding, LDPE/HDPE/Biodegradable Bag, Corrugated Products, Non-woven Fabrics and Reflective Insulation.

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